How Does It Work?

Mobile Marketing Made Easy

With our top of the line proprietary technology, businesses will be able to manage their mobile campaigns with ease. With our simple approach, employees and managers of your business can send text messages, picture messages and engage in conversations with your customers.

Mobile Marketing is great for the following businesses

This service works great for any of the following businesses.

  • Restaurants
    Send coupons and promotions directly to your customers phones. Is your slow night on Wednesday's? Send your customer's a deal to get them coming in on Wednesday's.
  • Bakery's
    Announce to your customer's any fresh baking that you have. Your lists can be as little or as big as you may need.
  • Bars
    Promote food specials with this top of the line system. Imagine you are able to text message all your customers with your latest food specials.
  • Alert Systems
    Send a text message to all of your subscribers at once.


Lists & Keywords
Create lists and keywords based on your current campaign. So imagine you owned a pizza shop and you created a list with the keyword "FREEPIZZA". Anybody who sends a message to you with the words "FREEPIZZA" in it will be added to your list. You can then message them the following week about a promotion for a free pizza.
  • Grow you're customer base with targeted lists for each promotion.
  • Grow you're list to however big you would like.
  • Delete and refine you're subscribers to those lists.
  • Start real time, live conversations with you're customers.
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Conversations (NEW!)
Start a live conversation with anybody who has sent you a message. Say for example that you're promotion is "order now and receive 50% off a pizza". The customer can text message their order in to you immediately. No incorrect addresses anymore.
  • Real time conversations
  • Computer to phone conversations.
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